Lopi Dreams …

September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I got myself some Álafoss and Létt-Lopi from Ístex :)
Just as much as I love Malabrigo for its softness, I love Ìstex for its roughness.
The yarn is very vibrant and feeds images in my head of the magnificent nature and weather of Iceland.

Wanted to do some test knits for this warm winter cardi. I go for the Álafoss and make it thick, just as the pattern suggests, saving the Létt for something else … and I stick to the colors but make it shorter. The pattern includes a technique which sounds really scary. Steeking which means that the cardi is knit in the round and then stitched in the front with a sewing machine whereupon the front is cut open (!)

Can’t wait to fill up my basket with 6 colors of beautiful, scratchy Álafoss Lopi and for the weather to allow me to wear it … If I get that far – it’s still just a dream …

Álafoss Lopi, colorway: Fuchsia Heather

Létt Lopi, colorway: Grape Heather

Létt Lopi, colorway: Spring Green Heathers

Winther Yearning

July 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not because i miss the cold, but after all that slick lace and summer knitting, I’m craving for some RUSTIC WOOL !

This shrug in Létt-Lopi from Ìstex is beautiful. I really like the three shades of blues in the pattern.

© Ìstex

Download the pattern for free by clicking the image ...

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